Working Together


Our daily habits all contribute to the common sedentary lifestyle that many of us lead. We sit waiting for our morning coffee to be brought to us, we drive to work in our car, we sit at our desks for long periods of time and after a long day, we sit down and watch sports on the TV rather than being active ourselves.

From experience, some people may end up in hospital or experience challenges with their mental health due to some of the choices they have made within their lifestyle. Some people may think that it’s too late to make a change, that our habits are now too ingrained; but we believe it is never too late to start your journey and make positive changes to support and overcome your physical and mental health challenges. At Armoured, we will make the adaptions needed throughout our MPW sessions to ensure everyone is catered for no matter what your physical or mental challenge may be.

Our tactics here are not to scare you. We do not believe in just saying what you want to hear, we are speaking from a place of honesty, reality and our own experiences. Our ethos is based on truth; we do not want to sell you a quick fix or a fad diet, we want you to achieve a long-term sustainable lifestyle change. We believe the most important first steps are understanding who we are and developing a sense of self-awareness within ourselves. If you can relate to what we are describing, we invite you to meet with us and see for yourself the people behind the Armoured Community.

It’s time to be accountable, this is our commitment to you, now it’s time for you to commit to us.

Within our MPW sessions you will be part of a group and sometimes this may sound scary, but we believe this is the best way to become part of a community. The Armoured community believes in supporting each other, therefore every aspect of your training will be individualised. During each MPW session you will be grouped together in either pairs or groups of three, with people who have similar mindsets or fitness levels.

Our MPW sessions are inspired by sports training, strength and conditioning programmes, HIIT and are designed uniquely to fit our ethos. This is just a little snippet of what you can expect from us when you train with Armoured. We believe our style of training is unique and is something you may not find whilst looking in other places.