If you think you are independent, we might just change your perspective on this…

Everybody needs somebody. From the people who make us our coffee, to the people who work tirelessly in our health care system to keep us well. We all depend on someone and we depend on them every single day for something.

These acts of dependency highlight the importance of community and this is where we feel the Armoured community is different from just your regular venue to ‘work out in’. We believe that this principle of everyone needing someone is reflected within our mental and physical well-being (MPW) sessions. If you are struggling with an exercise we will help you, if you are last to finish we will wait for you, when you are feeling that you just can’t do it anymore we will lift you up and keep you going. We prioritise four key principles within our training program, the ‘Armoured Code’: Respect, Discipline, Lead by Example and Team Work.

At Armoured, our community will not judge you; you do not need to feel weak or worry about whether the person you’re standing next to is stronger than you, you are there to improve yourself. Everyone at Armoured has their own challenges and battles to fight and they need you to support them, just as much as you need their support to keep you motivated and to help push you forward. With this in mind, our values were established:

‘Armoured with IDAUOS Values’

INSPIRE…each other, to learn and to grow
DEDICATE…to making a change. Our inspirations are our best motivators
ACHIEVE…every small step is a step closer to being the best version of ourselves
UNIFY…because we all matter. Developing a sense of belonging within our community
OVERCOME…speaking up about mental and physical well-being and taking control
SUSTAIN…developing strategies that matter…for life

We believe our values will encourage you to view our MPW sessions from a whole new perspective.