At Armoured they know just how much to push you by tracking and following your results. If you want your training to be progressive and to constantly evolve to suit your own personal physical and health needs, then Ahmed is the best coach. When I found out Ahmed was setting up Armoured for Life I wanted to be part of it. Having always liked to keep active, Ahmed seems to know when you are not pushing yourself enough and always manages to get you to achieve just that bit more. A great coach and friend.

When I joined Armoured I did so because I knew Ahmed. I knew that this new venture of his would be second to none. Having known what he was like at a previous gym I liked the way he put together training programs that were designed to test people of all levels of strength and fitness. I feel that every session is tailor made just for me and the only way that this can be done is by getting to know me. Not just how I train but also who I am, building great friendships along the way. This shows at the end of each session, it’s great to stretch and catch up with the other members. Just recently we arranged a charity 5k run and a Rough Runner obstacle Race which was so much fun and a great chance to meet up with members families and get to know them. This has built quite a community feel to the group, knowing that there is always someone looking out for you. Someone to share good news and bad. At the end of the day my mental health is just as important to me as my physical health and Armoured people know this. We are just as much about our Brains as we are Braun and only too happy to go out for a group Breakfast on a Sunday morning or meet up for a coffee. The effort we put into our physical exercise is definitely matched by how we socialise. We don’t follow strict diets or food programs but if we do want to set ourselves some targets you will always find someone to help and give hints and tips or recipes.