Ahmed has coached me for over 6 months and the first quality I noticed was his passion for his profession. He always makes you feel welcome and at ease when attending training camps. Even if you have not done this type of training before, Ahmed takes the time to explain and demonstrate techniques to achieve correct form and the best results. He will always drive you to achieve more than you believe you are capable of. I feel he has a way of bringing the best out of people.

Lizi, Ahmed’s business partner, and I have personally trained alongside in the past and present. She is very committed and conscious in all that she does. I have come to know Lizi very well having trained together, she is fun, bubbly, caring and has everyone’s wellbeing at heart. Lizi is also a great training buddy who gives plenty of encouragement and support during every session.

I am Armoured for Life, part of a community and consider Ahmed and Lizi life long friends.